How do I get started?

Our approach is customized, so once you make a purchase we’ll be sending over a brief questionnaire where you’ll be providing us with the information we need to help you succeed. Then we’ll get in touch to let you know what the next steps will be.

Do I need to provide you with images or information to write up my company’s social media page description? started?

No need, we’ll source them from your company’s current web page. If you don’t have any images, we’ll be using stock photos. Alternatively, should you have specific images or text that you’d like us to use, just send it over and we’ll be happy to use them. We do always welcome any pictures you would like to provide us in addition.

What if I already have an existing Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest account?

That’s great! We'll be utilizing your social media platform(s). Depending on the package you choose this will dictate how we manage your pages/ads for you as well as all handle all the inclusions with your chosen package.

What if I need support?

Online support is available through our Website chat, Messenger Chat, and email.

8:30AM-5PM EST, Mondays through Fridays.

This helps keep our prices low.

Should you need assistance outside of these hours, just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.